Hana. 18. Biomedical sciences major. Vegetarian. Recover[ed]. Passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition, but I am not a fitblr.
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Dear hair, you’re crazy. You’re curly and wild and have a mind of your own. You’ve endured abuse through straightening irons and gels. You’ve been hacked away at and donated, absorbed relentless hours worth of sunlight, fallen out of my head from malnutrition and stress but have returned strong and vibrant again. You’re a trooper, thank you for sticking with me.

Dear eyes, you’re always changing, but you’re the only physical feature I appreciate unconditionally. You’re small and almond shaped, not a desired trait maybe, but you’re my eyes. You see things that many people struggle to see and after all you’ve witnessed, you’re still functioning perfectly. I’m sorry you’ve witnessed so much, and I wish I could unsee so many things, but it’s over and you guys are awesome.

Dear ears, you’re nosy suckers, always listening in to everything, hearing the faintest of noises, making me skittish and hyperalert all the time. But if it weren’t for you, I would never have truly appreciated music, to play piano and drums and hear it. My brother would’ve gotten seriously injured on a few occasions if you hadn’t heard him first. Thanks for being awesome. I’ll try not to curse you every night for waking me up.

Dear arms, you’re strong. You’ve lost muscle, you’ve gained muscle. You’ve defended me, you’ve lifted me, you’ve lifted my brother for crying out loud, How could I go on without you?

Dear belly, you’ve probably suffered the most the past several years. What with the starvation, the gastritis, the hormonal issues causing sudden and dramatic weight fluctuations, the bloating, the grueling workouts… But you’ve gotten me through a lot. You keep me balanced, centered, because you are strong and firm. Like a tree. I shall call you Oak, dear belly.

Dear legs, you have always received the bulk of my hatred, and I’m sorry. You’re strong and fast and have carried me through it all. From soccer to martial arts to basketball and volleyball and running and surfing…shall I continue? I should stop hating on you guys and all the muscly muscle. I’ll never have stick thin legs, and that’s ok. Today’s workout, and everyday’s workout, I’ll remember that you’re strong and fast and amazing and that’s what really matters.

Dear hips, hello. You’ve taken the impact of many falls, but you’re ok. Carry on.

Dear mind, you’ve been at war for several years now. You insist on perfection all the time, you stress over the small stuff, you demand knowledge and wisdom, but until you learn patience and self acceptance, not of that will come. This past year has probably been the hardest, because on top of your war with me, you’ve dealt with fighting for your brother’s life and the stress that has created. You constantly shut down and shut others out too, throwing up walls to avoid exposure. You don’t trust people, let alone yourself. But you know what, in these battles, I’ve learned a lot about you, and myself, and I love you. I love you mind and I love you body and I love me because that is not selfish, but rather that is right. I love me because I have a purpose. Thank you mind for putting up with me.

Love from Hana.

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